Advanced Software Concepts Inc. (ASC)

ASC seamlessly integrates with DocuSign eSignature while automating workflow and applying business rules to the process.

ASC (Advanced Software Concepts Inc.) is a leading provider of cloud, SaaS and on-premise solutions for contract, document, form and configure, price and quote (CPQ) lifecycle management. Leveraging the proven ASC solution platform, ASC deploys tailored solutions that automate and streamline business processes end to end. ASC solutions help organizations reduce costs, maximize revenue and minimize regulatory non-compliance risks. With extensive experience providing best practice solutions, ASC is an industry expert that works as a true partner to deliver successful business process management solutions for our SMB and large enterprise customers.

ASC Contracts™, ASC’s industry-leading contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution, is an intuitive, full-featured solution that fulfills all contract administration requirements from document auto-generation to “boilerplate” terms and conditions management, signed contract image attachment, advance search, ad-hoc and scheduled reporting, workflow and approval process control, business metrics dashboards and all other contract lifecycle steps.

The solution automates, simplifies and accelerates the process of requesting, generating, reviewing, negotiating, approving, signing, tracking and archiving contracts and agreements. The solution also improves global business controls for optimized contract value and performance, faster workflow cycles, and ensured statutory and regulatory compliance and corporate governance adherence.

ASC Contracts provides customers with a simple yet secure and powerful contract management solution to easily manage any type of contract or legally binding agreement.

ASC Contracts seamlessly integrates with DocuSign eSignature to deliver eSignature capability with added-value approval workflows and notifications -- simplifying and automating the complete eSignature and paper process for contract management efficiency and effectiveness.

Key Benefits:

  • Shorten your contract management lifecycle by reducing the time it takes to create, manage and finalize contracts
  • Speed up contract management workflow with business rule driven approvals and notifications automation
  • Actionable metrics and business intelligence to help you easily identify resource and process bottlenecks
  • Flexibly and intuitively search and report on any contract, document or meta data including signed images
  • Improve overall contract administration and control and help ensure your contracts meet compliance requirements

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