As you develop and establish your credit counseling agency, a reliable software solution will be one of the most important investments you can make toward solidifying your success. Investing in software that will help you maximize your operational goals is essential.

CreditSoft uses the latest Microsoft technology to offer you a comprehensive software system for all of your debt portfolio management needs. Because CreditSoft offers features and tools that are easily customizable by the user, it provides helpful solutions-- regardless of agency size. Whether you are a single user, a large processing agency, or anywhere in between, CreditSoft is adaptable to the unique workflow of your company.

We'll help your agency reach its fullest potential and boost its productivity.

Key Features

  • Enrollment
  • Budget and financials
  • Payment schedule
  • Issue tracking
  • Creditor management
  • Proposal management and accounting


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About the Partner

Since 1995, ICCO has been dedicated to the success of its clients by delivering innovative software solutions tailored to their specific business needs. We begin by listening. We work with you to diagnose problems and inefficiencies in your current processes. We recommend alternative and new ways to increase the productivity and revenue of your business through the use of technology.We understand that a lot of people experience stress and frustration with technology every day. Our goal is to create software that fits the way you think and do business.

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