Manage your contracts.

Create, capture, manage and analyze all types of agreements more effectively with Exteon Contraxx. Rich with features, this system is flexible, scalable, integrated and secure, thanks to years of feedback from thousands of contract managers everywhere, as well as from insights provided by our consultants.

Ecteon’s software, Contraxx, helps organizations create and manage their contracts. Contraxx is in use at hundreds of organizations around the world, including some of the world’s largest companies, some of the best managed mid-sized companies and municipal, county, state and federal governmental entities. The industry pioneer and continued technology leader, Ecteon has been helping organizations automate their contracting processes for over 25 years.

Key Features

  • Contract assembly
  • Negotiation & execution
  • Repository
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Compliance
  • Expiration or renewal

About the Partner

Ecteon was founded in 1986, and our products and services reflect the depth of experience of 25 years of feedback from actual field use by real contract managers. For the first decade of our company’s history, our primary focus was building custom business software solutions for Fortune 500 clients. During this time we custom-built many systems and developed significant expertise in contract management technology. In the mid 90’s Contraxx, our enterprise contract management solution, was born. Those time-tested and field proven techniques gleaned from years of experience have been incorporated into Contraxx using the latest XML-based technology.

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