eOriginal’s eAsset™ Management Services is an extension of DocuSign’s DTM solution. eOriginal provides DocuSign’s customers with the most secure platform for managing and protecting the value of their electronic business transactions post-signature.

eOriginal, Inc., founded in 1996, is the trusted expert in eAsset™ Management services for any business that needs the ability to verify and secure, legally compliant and enforceable electronic asset documentation. eOriginal provides the maintenance, control and use of critical documents that have an intrinsic value, in a fully electronic environment, storing and protecting these assets throughout their entire lifecycle, for post-signature activities. Together, DocuSign and eOriginal are able to provide the most sophisticated eSignature and Digital Transaction Management software available today.

Key Benefits

  • Transaction Services - eOriginal’ s transaction services offer specialized tools and solutions that enable organizations to meet unique legal, workflow and collaboration requirements. These features give users the functionality to customize documents or transactions based on third-party needs.
  • Transferable Records Services - Documents with a downstream afterlife add complexity to digital transactions. Our Transferable Records Services enable the control of electronic assets in accordance with the Transferable Records requirements of UETA and ESIGN, as well as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) requirements for the creation, sale, pledging, pooling, syndication or securitization of Authoritative Copy documents.
  • Vaulting Services - Are the foundation for enabling you to securely manage your electronically signed assets throughout their post-execution lifecycle. Our eAsset document repository allows you to tightly control and track access, status changes and retention policies of your eAsset documents, providing the highest levels of protection and compliance through the use of digital tamper seals and the most detailed audit trail and reporting functionalities available in the marketplace.