Front Desk provides a comprehensive mobile-first, point-of-service solution for small, service-based businesses.

Using smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers, businesses without a physical “front desk”—like personal trainers, piano tuners, massage therapists, tutors, counselors, yoga instructors, and dog walkers—can manage their schedules, handle payments, manage digital documents, and launch and update their websites where clients can make appointments and purchases.

Key Features

  • Scheduling - schedule classes and book appointments
  • Track attendance
  • Relationship management - Review and update client profiles
  • Billing alerts


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About the Partner

Two years ago, we looked at the existing software used to manage the gyms we own and work out in. We wanted to improve and extend some of these popular solutions. We quickly realized that the available tools were old, tired, and creaky. No one had rethought them in years—not a good foundation for the future. Time for a fresh start. We decided to begin with our conviction that business owners need to focus on their clients instead of administrative tasks so we could provide the solution that business owners, their staff, and their clients deserve.

Every day we wake up passionate about making it easier for people to focus on their passions.


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