Icertis integrates the agility, security and convenience of DocuSign’s eSignature platform into Icertis Contract Management Solution

Icertis is a Cloud Software Vendor (CSV) and a leading provider of enterprise solutions in the Microsoft Cloud. The company’s cloud-native products and services address specific enterprise business needs by fully leveraging the cloud’s elasticity, ubiquity, and availability. Icertis’ product suite includes comprehensive ERP-surround solutions for contract and compliance management, transportation management, public transport management, and fleet management. The products have flexible deployment models – on-cloud, on-premise and hybrid options, so as to meet diverse customer requirements of cost, compliance, and security.

Icertis Contract Management (ICM) is an end-to-end contract management system that helps organizations better streamline and optimize their contracting processes. By centralizing the storage of contracts and supporting the use of standard templates and clauses, ICM eliminates duplication, reduces contracting errors, and improves user productivity. In addition to basic functions like contract storage and execution, ICM provides effective governance framework for templates, clauses, and contracts. These features enable effective monitoring and compliance with established policies and procedures.

As a best practice, Icertis recommends electronic signatures to its customers and has integrated the DocuSign eSignature platform with ICM to provide better security, execution speed and availability of documents to its customer. ICM integrates out of the box with DocuSign, managing complete routing and storage of DocuSign executed documents, thus offering a robust capability to send, sign, track and store documents.

Key Benefits:

  • Offer an exceptional user experience
  • Cloud architecture allows for quick deployment and delivers rapid ROI
  • Comprehensive features with customization capability
  • Flexible to adapt to complex enterprise business scenarios
  • Native mobile support

“As a global business executing hundreds of thousands of contracts annually, Microsoft Corporation needed a solution that was scalable, easy to use and readily customizable to our unique processes. Of all the vendors we evaluated, the Icertis CLM product had the best architecture, the most inspired user interface, and a compelling and innovative approach to managing the contract lifecycle process. We have deployed the product globally, with great user adoption and high satisfaction.”

- Michel Gahard, Associate General Counsel - Microsoft Corporation

“We look forward to our partnership with Icertis to streamline our contracting environment. We selected them after careful evaluation of the marketplace and are impressed with their focus and dedication to meeting our needs.”

- Mike Hricko, Finance Manager - Janney Montgomery Scott