DocuSign® for IRES offers a complete electronic signatures package. Send, sign and manage your contracts faster while saving a tree at the same time!

Any Colorado real estate agent can purchase the Contracts system, with deep DocuSign integration.

All Colorado Real Estate Commission forms are included, plus additional worksheets. At no extra cost, templates can be created for standard contract language, office clauses can be inserted with the click of a button, the Date Helper quickly calculates Dates & Deadlines, and branding can be added. Create forms online, then print, email, or send for esignature via DocuSign. Immediately after implementing DocuSign within IRESis we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our users. The biggest hit is that DocuSign signer tags are automatically placed; there’s no need to click and drag the stickie tags, we’ve done all that work already. The DocuSign dashboard is also integrated so the envelope status can be checked quickly.

Key Features

  • Integrate listing and client information to increase accuracy and reduce manual entry
  • Create PDF files without any worry of alteration
  • Brokers can customize branding or create custom clauses (with Managing Broker approval)
  • Create templates for consistency and to be used over and over again
  • Access Agent Transaction Reports (available to Managing Brokers only) to display client/contact names, transactions and contracts that have been created within a specific date range


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About the Partner

Information and Real Estate Services, LLC (IRES) was formed in 1996 as the regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for Northern Colorado by five Boards and Associations of REALTORS® in Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, and Loveland/Berthoud.

The MLS database, IRESis, is for real estate professionals and is the core of IRES services. The password-protected web site provides extensive property listing and sales information to over 6000 brokers, appraisers and their support staff along the Front Range of Colorado.

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