eSign files from *any cloud* or *enterprise storage* system with mobile app. We do that! offers API-enabled functionality that extends the value of apps built with DocuSign's SDKs by adding customizable BPMN workflows and the ability to open and save documents to any one of over 22 file storage systems. supports Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Office365, SharePoint 2003/07/13,, Windows Shares, Documentum, Filenet, and many more.

Key benefits

  • Integrate eSignature from any cloud-based file storage service.
  • Integrate eSignature from most on-premise ECM systems securely using our appliance technology.
  • Customize advanced workflows using industry standard BPMN2.0 designer.
  • Integrate with and MS SharePoint with plug-and-play tools.
  • API-enabled to allow developers to build their own apps.