Seal Software Contract Discovery and Analytics helps companies maximize revenue opportunities and reduce expenses and costs associated with contractual documents, systems and processes.

Seal Contract Discovery is rapidly deployed and locates existing contractual documents wherever they may reside within an organization, automatically extracting key contractual terms and clauses, rendering them for easy review, and populating corporate repositories including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and more.

Seal Contract Analytics is a dynamic system that discovers and informs users of revenue opportunities, expenses and costs hidden within contractual obligations. Seal Contract Analytics empowers clients to teach the system beyond standard data extraction to meet their unique needs by discovering particular language and clause combinations that are most relevant to their business.

Contract Analytics represents the next step in contractual document management– extracting specific contract language, non-standard clauses detection and clause combinations specific to customer industry, type of contract and geographic location.

Key Benefits

  • Find contracts wherever they may reside (i.e. network drives, hard drives, software applications), extract over 50 key contractual terms and ensure discovered contractual documents as well as terms/clauses within those documents can be easily searched.
  • Teach and improve Seal based on your own organization’s specific contract clauses, which improves accuracy and relevancy.
  • Get insight into contractual terms and similar clauses across the entire enterprise, identify widely used rogue (non-standard) clauses and ensure best overall terms are applied to all contracts regardless of origin.
  • Receive early warnings on known contractual issues to initiate early remedial action avoiding future cost and risk and gain insight into divergences from approved contract templates.

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