Selectica Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Streamline all your contract management processes, from request and authoring to negotiation and approval, with Selectica CLM.

Selectica Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is the fastest, easiest way for companies to decrease contract cycle time, eliminate risk, and discover additional value within their existing contracts. Enterprise companies rely on Selectica CLM every day to create contracts, manage them through negotiations and approvals, and then store them in a secure repository where they can be organized, searched, and reported on.

Selectica CLM helps companies construct contracts, initiate approval workflows automatically and ensures your contracts are moving quickly and smoothly all the way through to final signature.

Selectica provides a one-click access to DocuSign and empowers you to finalize your most critical documents with confidence and ease. Using Selectica CLM with eSignature, you simply fill in the details for signatory parties, select documents to be esigned, and leave Selectica to do the rest. Our system manages the entire signature process for you, initiation, notification, reminder, and collecting signatures. Once all signatures are collected, the signed documents are automatically attached back to the contract record in Selectica.

Key Features:

  • Signature Routing: Assign unlimited signers and control over order of signers
  • Multiple Documents Support: Send multiple documents and freeform files in one message, and receive a single combined signed document or separate signed documents in return
  • Tagging Console: Position eSignature blocks in any DocuSign supported area of documents
  • Certificate of Completion: Access and review contract signature history with ease
  • Alerts & Analytics: Setup alerts for important contract dates, and provide insight into up-sell and cross-sell opportunities


Selectica & DocuSign Data Sheet

Got Questions?

Contact Kelly Puffer, Director of Alliances, for all questions and inquiries at or 1.415.734.1004

Compatibility / Version Information

Selectica runs on the latest DocuSign release

About the partner

Selectica develops software that supports the Global 2000 and growing mid-size firms in improving their sales and contracting processes and closing billions of dollars’ worth of business each year.

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