Square 9 integrates DocuSign into its business automation solutions to deliver enhanced e-signature capabilities and support.

Intensely customer-focused and highly responsive, Square 9 delivers an effective, value-driven content management solutions suite, allowing organizations to embrace the reality of a paperless office. Square 9’s commitment to proven practices and cutting edge technologies has led to the development of a library of innovative tools for business automation.

Through decades of experience, Square 9 has acquired a thorough understanding of document-driven business processes in a diverse range of business enterprises. Square 9 has achieved a reputation for excellence in meeting the rapidly evolving needs of the user community.

While highly focused on content centric solutions, the Square 9 product suite includes end-to-end software technologies for extended enterprise applications. Square 9’s diverse portfolio of tools for business process automation includes solutions for document capture, content management, web forms management and more.

With a new direct integration with DocuSign, Square 9 has enhanced web and mobile interactions between users and their documents. By integrating with DocuSign, the Square 9 user community now has the ability to seamlessly manage the secured digital signing of documents with users outside of an organization. Square 9 now delivers the ability to manage revisions of a document within its mobile platform, GlobalSearch, to be sent directly to another party for approval. When signed, the fully executed agreement is returned to GlobalSearch where it is automatically saved as a new revision. This “hands off” approach to contract management combines secure digital signatures with revision control and advanced workflow capabilities under the combined power of Square 9 and DocuSign.

Key Benefits:

  • The addition of DocuSign as an e-signature option expands the possibilities of document collaboration and workflow even further with applications ranging from contract generation, approval and archival to sales order approval automation.
  • Within a DocuSign workflow, the document can be routed back to an internal DocuSign user for counter signature, allowing the final countersigned agreement to then be routed back to the recipient automatically for their records.
  • The Square 9 Connector to DocuSign allows for immediate sending of a document directly from GlobalSearch to a recipient or into DocuSign in draft form where further configuration can be made prior to sending from within the DocuSign management console.
  • When the signature process has been completed, the document is automatically routed back into the Square 9 platform for archival with the document versions will be incremented and maintained.
  • Once a document is posted back into the Square 9 platform, additional workflows may be triggered, allowing other business processes to be activated from the signing step.

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