Extend your digital business activities to your entire sales funnel with VipeCloud’s Customer Interaction Platform

VipeCloud’s integration with DocuSign brings you a "Soups to Nuts", Customer Interaction Platform that increases leads and accelerates orders without increasing headcount. Now your sales people can manage their DocuSign digital transactions, email productivity, social selling, content management, live demos, and CRM integration - all from a single user experience within their email client.

Key Benefits

  • Extended document tracking accelerates orders – VipeCloud makes DocuSign's powerful document tracking capabilities available from within email clients.
  • Integrated sales processes increase forecast confidence - VipeCloud's automatic CRM synchronization with DocuSign digital transactions and other customer interactions reduces paperwork, encourages adoption and improves CRM data acquisition and accuracy.
  • Simplified sales activities mean better time management - a simple, single VipeCloud interface to DocuSign and other best in industry sales solutions increases sales adoption by decreasing "navigation" and redundant data entry.