DocuSign and zipLogix are changing the game for real estate transactions. By combining the power of zipLogix, zipForm® Plus real estate eforms software with DocuSign for REALTORS® PLUS, the future of paperless real estate is here.​

Volumes of real estate forms, including lengthy disclosures, are pre-tagged for quick digital sending and signing with DocuSign. From within zipForm® Plus, real estate professionals simply click the DocuSign button and the documents are sent to clients for DocuSigning. With DocuSign its faster than fax - taking seconds, not hours or days.

Real estate professionals leveraging this integrated offering will quickly gain a competitive edge with faster, easier, more convenient and secure transactions that delight their clients.

Using zipForm® Plus and DocuSign for REALTOR® PLUS offers a competitive advantage over slow, traditional printing, faxing, and driving around town to get signatures.


How It Works

zipForm® Plus, the newest product release from zipLogix, has been designed to provide greater access to and use of DocuSign’s Transaction Rooms and eSignature solutions in two key ways:

  1. Linking your zipform® Plus transactions to DocuSign Transaction Rooms. Moving documents has never been easier. From the transaction in zipForm® Plus the forms can be pushed seamlessly to DocuSign Transaction Rooms OR DocuSign Transaction Rooms can pull forms from zipForm® Plus.
  2. Manage Transactions Anywhere. zipForm® Plus can be accessed through any web browser on any device and DocuSign Transaction Rooms can be used on any web browser, iPhone app, iPad app, Android app and Android tablet, to keep business moving while you are on the go!

About the Partner

zipLogix is the recognized industry standard for electronic real estate forms and transaction management systems. Featuring a suite of products currently used by more real estate professionals than any other real estate software program, zipLogix is the maker of zipForm® Plus, its newest entry into the eform category.

DocuSign is The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management™(DTM) and leader in electronic signature and transaction rooms for real estate. No matter how you measure leadership—thousands of satisfied customers, millions of productive users, millions of transactions, innovative product capabilities, enterprise-class support, or a track record of 99.999% uptime and reliability—DocuSign is at the top of the industry.

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