Earn Money by Introducing Customers to DocuSign's Channel Partner Program

Introduce your customers to the global standard for eSignature and earn revenue in the process. DocuSign's Channel Partner Program empowers our partners to refer and resell DocuSign and earn a fee-creating a win for your customers, a win for DocuSign, and a win for your top line.

Refer DocuSign

Referral partners earn a generous fee on the first year value of a closed deal. This partnership structure is ideally-suited for companies that sell complementary solutions or services that are looking for minimal administrative commitment. Referral partners are responsible for qualifying and passing leads to DocuSign. DocuSign takes over from there, assuming responsibility for closing the deal, billing the customer and providing support. It's that easy.

Resell DocuSign

With the market for eSignature growing 48% year over year, the demand for DocuSign is enormous. Resell partners can capitalize on this demand, taking advantage of reseller discount margins available on the entire length of the account. You'll continue to own your customer relationship-managing sales, billing and renewals. You can earn an even higher discount for taking on level 1 customer support.

Earn Money with DocuSign

The DocuSign Channel Partners Program offers an opportunity to earn fees, take advantage of discounts, and qualify for periodic special promotions. Even better, DocuSign can be used in any company departments in any industry, meaning the opportunities to refer or resell DocuSign are nearly endless.

Become a Cloud Leader

Associating your business with the global eSignature leader strengthens your brand and differentiates your product or service-not only as a leader in eSignature, but as a leader in cloud computing.

Delight Customers

DocuSign makes it easy for your customers-and your customers' customers-- to sign anything, anywhere on any device. Users will appreciate and respect you for helping them accelerate speed to results, reduce operating costs, and increasing the accuracy and security of their transactions.

Get to Market Faster with Sales and Marketing Resources

DocuSign makes partnerships simple by providing a partner portal that enables you to submit leads, register deals, use ready-made sales and marketing tools, and access training.

DocuSign Select Partner Program

Entry-level tier offers a strong foundation for companies who are interested in earning fees with DocuSign. Select partners have access to key tools with minimal commitment.

DocuSign Premier Partner Program

Premier partnership provides dedicated resources, including partner account managers and joint go-to-market activities for companies that make a minimum annual revenue commitment (ISV & Alliances and Channel) or developing a Center of Excellence (Consulting).

DocuSign Strategic Partner Program

The strategic partnership level is available by invitation only and provides exclusive benefits designed to accelerate revenue and generate multi-million dollar joint success.