ArcPoint Gateway is the first real-time web-based construction billing system with Automatic Line item Synchronization (ALS).

ArcPoint Gateway is designed to substantially reduce the construction billing processing time by over 100 man-hours a month representing more than $10,000 a month or 80% in overhead savings.

ArcPoint Gateway is the first fully integrated online construction billing system that allows for electronic real-time submission, review and processing of construction payment certifications, effectively eliminating the need for printed documents. The System utilizes the most sophisticated advanced technologies in digital signatures, data validation and audit control. ArcPoint Gateway is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing accounting, financial and banking systems through a centralized payment processing gateway. As a result our system will significantly increase the overall accountability, accuracy and visibility of expenditures. Unlike conventional systems that require users to input data over multiple systems, ArcPoint Gateway will offer users a easy to use single source web-based interface.

ArcPoint Gateway will significantly reduce processing costs, increase data accuracy, improve employee productivity resulting in a strong return on investment. The system offers the following benefits and applications for customers which includes Government Agencies, Developers, Property Owners, Architects, Consultants, Prime Contractors, General Contractors, Construction Managers, Subcontractors and Vendors:

  • Real-Time Processing of Construction Payment Certifications
  • Seamless Integration with Accounting, Financial and Banking Systems
  • Electronic Document Interface
  • Secure and Encrypted Digital Signatures
  • Automatic Line Synchronization (ALS) ▪ Standardized and Customizable Templates and Reports


About the Partner

In today's economic climate and competitive work environment it is critical that companies utilize sophisticated technology solutions to meet the ever changing local and global markets. The challenge for companies is how to keep pace with changing technology and software innovations. At ArcPoint Solutions our primary focus is to provide value-added technology solutions that yield strong returns on investments for our clients. We are focused, determined and dedicated to the success of our clients. We are a proud member of Dunn and Bradstreet, listed on the Federal Central Contractors Registration system, all of our products are SSL secured by GeoTrust and we are compliant with the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act (ARRA) of 2009.