ArrayWorks has developed a new generation of software that is for enterprise class applications which is Built for Change.

The software provides a radical new user experience by dynamically adapting the information being presented to the user in an integrated portal (InterTask). The applets in the portal can communicate with and include a broad range of information sources which exist inside or outside of the organization. The context intelligence of the portal also provides a predictive capability that determines if information needs to be presented to the user without the user explicitly asking for that data. This is an important departure from the state of current ERP which requires that information be explicitly integrated into the ERP application.

ArrayWorks also incorporates powerful real-time analytics which can be used to create dashboards for accountability and operational excellence. The result is a business solution that is tailored to the needs of users and which is in keeping with users' expectations of simplicity and adaptability, but which lacks the complexity, time and resources of ERP change management. This is in stark contrast to the way ERPs, BPM, and current cloud-based software applications operate.

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