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Electronically sign documents created and managed within your QuickBase applications. DocuSign for Quickbase provides you with a fast, easy and secure method of routing documents to your business partners for review and signature approval. Turnaround time for document approval is reduced allowing you to focus on delivering your products and services instead of chasing down document approvals.

DocuSign for QuickBase allows you to email the document(s) you want your recipient(s) to sign and guide them with a "Sign Here" tab that is directly on the document. This functionality is driven completely from within your QuickBase application. Information stored within your QuickBase application can be presented to your recipients in the document(s) to be signed. Additional information related to where the document is in the work-flow is tracked and updated in your application including the final completed/signed document.

Key Features

  • Documents can be sent to one or more recipients, each recipient may have a specific role in the approval process. ie. Signer, Reviewer, Receive a copy.
  • The status of the approval process is updated in real time right in QuickBase. No need to login to DocuSign to check on the status
  • The fully executed document is sent back to QuickBase and stored in a file attachment field when completed, it also includes the DocuSign certificate of completion.
  • Data entered into the DocuSign document by the recipient can be returned to QuickBase and saved in individual fields within your QuickBase table.
  • Recipients can be instructed to enter their credit card information to be processed using either Authorize.NET or Intuit QuickBooks Payments (QBMS) automatically upon completion of the sign off process.


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Got Questions?

DocuSign for QuickBase is supported by Juiced Technologies, Inc. Email them at, info@juicedtech.com

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Compatibility / Version information

DocuSign for QuickBase is designed to work with DocuSign Professional, Business or Enterprise subscription plans.

DocuSign for QuickBase is also designed to work with Intuit QuickBase Premier or Platform subscription plans.

Customer Testimonials

David Kenline of Lexis Nexis

"Our team used multiple disparate Excel files to manage and track thousands of Contracts/Statements of Work and related invoices, across our software development portfolio. There was no centralized, secured repository of the data for the contracts, making it very difficult to understand our committed spend, as well as a lack of control over the contracts and any related change requests. QuickBase with DocuSign integration was chosen to address a number of external auditor concerns surrounding recognition of proper liability amounts, as well as ensuring control around the contract authorization process.

The customization of QuickBase and integration of DocuSign performed by Juiced Technologies to incorporate the necessary data elements for tracking these contracts through their respective workflows has increased productivity, secured our data, addressed our audit concerns, and standardized our processes. We could not have accomplished this without Juiced Technologies, and we plan to engage with them in the future on other applications."

Colt Boehme of Isola Homes

"The Docusign for QuickBase app from Juiced Technologies has significantly increased our productivity. It has cut out several time consuming steps from our procurement processes. An entire procedure has been reduced to a push of a button! In addition, it allows us to quickly sign documents, digitally organize them, and distribute them to the people who need them all without ever having to use a printer!"

About Juiced Technologies

We are independent Intuit QuickBase software consultants and part of the Intuit Solutions Providers network. We have worked with QuickBase for over 12 years and have developed hundreds of applications for various types of industries and vertical markets. These applications have included Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation, Project Management, Budgeting, Event Management, Asset Tracking and many more.

We are also experts in extending the QuickBase platform via the available API, helping our clients achieve functionality that is not native to the QuickBase platform. We offer these extensions as “QuickBase Tools”; currently we offer about 15 different tools that provide additional capabilities to enhance our clients QuickBase experience.

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