SNAP Financial is a leading provider of home improvement financing in Canada. As an innovator in loan origination processes and dealer experience, SNAP has developed a robust Mobile Lending Platform (MLP) for use by its Canadian dealer network.

The MLP will provide dealers with a loan processing experience designed exclusively for the iPad. MLP offers dealers custom presentation and branding, instant loan decisioning and document execution supported by DocuSign. The first of its kind in Canada, SNAP Financial and the Mobile Lending Platform will set the stage for remote loan origination in Canada.

Key Features

  • Innovative marketing campaigns and payment deferral programs
  • Fast and easy credit approvals available 24/7 over the Internet or call centre
  • Prompt dealer payment through electronic transfer (typically within 48 hours
  • In depth dealer training on how to integrate financing into your sales strategy
  • Innovative, flexible marketing and payment deferral programs


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SNAP Financial Corporation is Canada’s premier consumer financial services company.


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